The “Sales Acceleration” Programs

Sales Pains?  Gaps?  Want Way More?

Sales Growth can be expensive – both in time and money – don’t waste either one!

  • Does it seem like you’re invisible?
  • Ready to see more “hits” and fewer “strikes” or “fouls?”
  • Are you too often in “Sales Jeopardy” with proposals that won’t close?
  • Sick of “Let me think it over” or “I’ll get back to you?”

What can you do to be more effective in the sales process?

Schedule a Complimentary “Acc$ellerate $ales Passport”  Consultation and Also Receive the Presentation:  “Reverse Thinking for More Sales in Less Time”

Purpose and Results:  Simple and different ways to quickly accelerate sales success.  You will have actionable insights and steps to achieve immediate results.

  • It Isn’t What You Say…It’s What They Hear.  Learn How to Speak Your Prospects “Sales Language”
  • Quickly Gain Trust and Speed Up a Sale by Reversing the Risk
  • Save Time and Make More Sales with This 1 Powerful “Reverse Thinking” Tip when Qualifying Prospects

Contact Carl to present the “Reverse Thinking for More Sales in Less Time”

The “Acc$ellerate $ales MAP” Program

Memorable:  Grab attention, stand out, be worthy of meeting with!
Actionable: Actions to book your calendar solid.
Profitable:  Close more sales in less time at less cost.

  • Acc$ellerate $ales MAP (Memorable, Actionable, Profitable) 30 Day Program (can be repeated in multiples of 30 days)
  • 1 Day or 2 Half Day Training/Consulting Sessions
  • “Growth Acceleration Style” (GAS) Assessment
  • Workbook of 4 Training modules targeted to ACCELERATE sales
  • Monthly Action Plan
  • 2 follow up consulting call during program

The “Acc$ellerate $ales” Program

  • “Growth Acceleration Style” (GAS) Assessment
  • 4 Half Day Training/Consulting Sessions
  • 8 to 12 month program
  • Workbook of 12 to 15 Training modules targeted development areas
  • Monthly Action Plans
  • 8 to 12 follow up consulting calls of 60 minutes during program

Below is a partial list of in-demand topics:

Topic 1:  Your Motivation Source
Topic 2:  Peak Sales Performance
Topic 3:  Standing Out with Your Personal Brand
Topic 4:  Creative Ways to Be Memorable and Grab Attention
Topic 5:  Knocking Out Your Inner Doubt
Topic 6:  Confidence and Sales Swagger
Topic 7:  Qualifying and Finding Your Target Rich Environment
Topic 8:  Build Your Hustle Muscle
Topic 9:  Your Powerful Daily Action Plan
Topic 10:  Sales Roadmap: Positioning and Presenting
Topic 11:  Filling the Marketing Funnel
Topic 12:  Get Yourself Booked Solid
Topic 13:  Building a Responsive Sales Pipeline
Topic 14:  Cold Calling Mastery
Topic 15:  Overcoming Objections
Topic 16:  Disruption and Pattern Interruption
Topic 17:  Speaking Your Prospects Sales Language
Topic 18:  Closing Techniques
Topic 19:  Negotiation and Contracts
Topic 20:  Follow Up Techniques for More Sales
Topic 21:  Sales Systems, Power Tools and Optimization
Topic 22:  It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You
Topic 23:  Compounding Sales Success through Velocity, Volume, Scale

Contact Carl to present “Guaranteed They’ll Ask: Where Do I Sign?”