The “Leadership Acceleration” Programs

How big is your bold? How bold is your big?
Think Big Achieve Big!
All great things started small, but came from Thinking Big!

  • Google
  • Cure for Polio
  • Apple
  • Going to the moon

Want to bring this “Think Big” spirit into your your leadership? Your results? Want a team to be a bolder version of themselves with higher engagement, ownership and leadership? High engagement, ownership and leadership results in individuals who can accelerate through change, become higher performers and leaders of organizational growth, and who deliver increased revenues in less time at lower costs…Think BIG Leadership!
I’ve consulted with numerous business owners, corporate leaders and high achievers around the world. Now I passionately share this “Think Big” message to lift others to a higher place…everywhere!

Leadership Growth can be expensive – both in time and money – don’t waste either one!

The Complimentary “Think BIG Leadership Passport” Consultation

We live inside internal conversations that become patterns.  These are often conversations for what’s not possible.  And, over time, what you think is not possible becomes the reality!  Let’s disrupt the OLD and bring in the BOLD!  The “Think BIG Leadership Passport” consultation breaks away from patterns and creates a new Gold Standard “Think Big Idea” for higher results everywhere.

“The World Opened Up for Me.”  Bill Onorato, CEO of OTI Logistics.

How Bold is Your BIG?  Book Your “Think BIG Leadership Passport” Consultation

The “Think BIG Leadership MAP” Program

Motivational: Motivation to achieve Think BIG Goals!
Actionable: Actions to keep achieving.
Powerful: See what can be achieved…Achieve what you can see.

Think BIG Leadership MAP (Motivational, Actionable, Powerful) 30 Day Program (can be repeated in multiples of 30 days)

  • 30 Day Program (can be repeated in multiples of 30 days)
  • 1 Day or 2 Half Day Training/Consulting Sessions
  • “Growth Acceleration Style” (GAS) Assessment
  • Workbook of 4 Training modules targeted to Pains/Gaps/Want Way More areas
  • Monthly Action Plan
  • 2 follow up consulting call during program

The “Think BIG Leadership” Program

  • “Growth Acceleration Style” (GAS) Assessment
  • 8 Half Day Training/Consulting Sessions
  • 8 to 12 month program
  • Workbook of 12 to 15 Training modules targeted development areas
  • Monthly Action Plans
  • 8 to 12 follow up consulting calls of 60 minutes during program

Below is a partial list of in-demand topics:

Topic 1:  Your Leadership DNA and Leadership Style
Topic 2:  Your Team’s DNA and Behavior Styles
Topic 3:  Think BIG Leadership
Topic 4:  Transformational Leadership
Topic 5:  Team Spirit and Collaboration
Topic 6:  Victory and Celebration Rituals
Topic 7:  Ownership and Engagement
Topic 8:  Communication that Connects
Topic 9:  Risk and Recovery from “Failure”
Topic 10:  Results Driven Performance
Topic 11:  Building Sustainable High Performing Teams
Topic 12:  Effectiveness and Productivity
Topic 13:  Process and Structure Leadership Tools
Topic 14:  Leveraged Leadership

How Bold is Your BIG?  Book Your “Think BIG Leadership Passport” Consultation