“Achieve the LEAP” Keynotes and Workshops

Be engaged, inspired and empowered with tools to make a significant difference to your personal and business success with these entertaining and groundbreaking presentations…

Creating “Out of Your Mind” Business Growth.

Does your organization’s past largely predict future growth?
How risky is your business future at its current level of growth?
Slow to powerfully capitalize on innovation and other growth initiatives?

Achieve the Leap in Business Growth and Pioneer Your Future Business Growth:  Are you Out of Your Mind?  First they’ll think your crazy, then they’ll wonder how you did it… “Out of Your Mind Success” is the ultimate disruptive, innovative and creative presentation for mind-opening discoveries to bring unimaginable business growth NOW.

  • Discover Strategies that Future Proof Your Business
  • Harness the Power of Shifting from a Past-Based-Future to a Future-Based-Future
  • Tools and Techniques to Uncover Possibilities and Pioneer the Future
  • Understand and Leverage Future Trends
  • See the Unseen Opportunities for LEAPs in Business Growth

Achieve the LEAP Leadership.

What would be possible with a team that has powerful engagement, ownership and leadership?
Is turnover undermining your leadership results?
What would be the impact of losing key talent?
How effective are change initiatives in your organization?

Achieve the Leap in Leadership Results:  Count multiple wins in areas of Change Management, Engagement, Ownership, Leadership and Retention.

  • Radically Increase Employee Engagement, Ownership and Leadership
  • Explore the LEAP Leadership LIFEcycle Map for High Performance Results
  • Learn Strategies that Immediately Increase Retention, Lower Absenteeism and Accelerate Change Management Results
  • Experience the 3 Steps that Will Build Your High Performance Leadership Legacy

Creating LEAP Growth from Innovative Cultures.

Is your culture sluggish at realizing bottom line growth from innovation?
Does your team see change as an unwelcome addition to an already overwhelmed work environment?
Are technical and innovative solutions hit and miss?

Achieve the Leap in Organizational Results:  Greater growth through innovation, faster change management success, higher innovation implementation success.

  • Understand Effective Use of Self-Leadership Techniques
  • Quickly Deploy Your Updated Culture of Highly Empowered, Agile Teams of Change
  • Implement a Highly Effective Organizational Framework to Discover, Seed and Feed Innovation Integration
  • Harness and Leverage Future of Work Trends Now

Guaranteed They’ll Ask: “Where Do I Sign?”

Deals taking too long to close?
Too often selling on price?
Objections and resistance have you stalled or stopped?

Achieve the Leap in Sales Results:  Count multiple wins in more closed deals, more sales in less time at less cost, larger deals, client loyalty and referrals.

  • Understand How to Speak Your Prospects “Sales Language”
  • Learn One Reverse Thinking Prospecting Technique that Gets Back At Least 20 Hours a Month
  • Discover the 3 Must Answer Questions that Virtually Guarantee the Sale

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