Growth Acceleration Keynotes and Workshops

Be engaged, inspired and empowered with tools to make a significant difference to your personal and business success with these entertaining and groundbreaking presentations…

“Reverse Thinking for More Sales in Less Time.”

[Keynote for the Acc$ellerate $ales workshops and programs]

Purpose and Results:  ACCELERATE Sales Success with Simple and powerful ways of thinking differently that will have prospects asking “Where Do I Sign?!”

  • It Isn’t What You Say…It’s What They Hear.  Learn How to Speak Your Prospect’s “Sales Language”
  • Quickly Gain Trust and Speed Up a Sale by Reversing the Risk
  • Save Time and Make More Sales with This 1 Powerful “Reverse Thinking” Tip when Qualifying Prospects

“Think Big, Achieve Big. Think Small, Lose It All.”

[Keynote for the Think BIG Leadership workshops and programs]

Purpose and Results:  Experience the ultimate in mind-opening discoveries during this unforgettable “Adventure” Up the Mountain to the Peak of Bold Leadership where you will find your source of Unimaginable Sales and Leadership Results and Achievements.

  • Clear the Trail of Self-Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors
  • Explore the Think BIG Leadership LIFEcycle Map for Creating a Peak Performing, Connected Community
  • Experience the 3 Steps that Will Activate Your Burning Desire to Build Your Bold Leadership Legacy

“Impact Speaking To Your New Future Now.”

[Keynote for the Think BIG Leadership workshops and programs]

Purpose and Results: Results are a Contact Sport! Speak with impact and bring your Vision of Peak Leadership, Sales, Customer Service, Team Building, Collaboration and Innovation to Life Now!

  • Understand Your Unique Leadership Language
  • Stand Out and Generate Continuous, Quality Results
  • Deliver Your Vision with High Impact Using the Proven 6-Step VISION Method

“The Epic Life Adventure.”

[Keynote for the Epic Life Adventure workshops and programs]

Purpose and Results: Ready to Adventure Higher in Your Life? The Greatest Adventure of Your Life …IS Your Life! It’s time to create your “Epic Life Adventure” project and get your passport to the greatest adventures of you!

  • Discover the Secrets of Others Who Live an “Epic Life”
  • Experience Peak Aliveness and Unimaginable Quality of Life
  • Create Your Boldest Vision of Self-Actualization and Fulfill On Your Life’s Highest Purpose

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