Growth Acceleration Keynotes and Workshops

Be engaged, inspired and empowered with tools to make a significant difference to your personal and business success with these entertaining and groundbreaking presentations…

“Reverse Thinking for More Sales in Less Time”

[Keynote for the Acc$ellerate $ales workshops and programs]

Purpose and Results:  ACCELERATE Sales Success with Simple and powerful ways of thinking differently that will have prospects asking “Where Do I Sign?!”

  • It Isn’t What You Say…It’s What They Hear.  Learn How to Speak Your Prospect’s “Sales Language”
  • Quickly Gain Trust and Speed Up a Sale by Reversing the Risk
  • Save Time and Make More Sales with This 1 Powerful “Reverse Thinking” Tip when Qualifying Prospects

“Think Big, Achieve Big. Think Small, Lose It All.”

[Keynote for the Think BIG Leadership workshops and programs]

Purpose and Results:  Motivational, Actionable and Powerful keynote to ACCELERATE achieving bigger and bolder goals in less time at lower costs!

  • Destroy Self-Limiting Beliefs and Derailment Behaviors
  • Clearly See Your Motivation and Acceleration Strengths
  • 3 Steps to Confidently Create Your Boldest Results and Success

“The Epic Life Adventure”

[Keynote for the Epic Life Adventure workshops and programs]

Purpose and Results: Get on the “Passion and Purpose” express to ACCELERATE new possibilities and results.   It’s time to create your “Epic Adventure” to remap your perspective, re-energize yourself everywhere and unshackle what’s possible…NOW.   Rise to a higher place everywhere.

  • Create the Boldest Vision and Most Powerful Version of Yourself
  • Learn the Secrets of Others Who Live an “Epic Life”
  • Enjoy Wholehearted Fulfillment and Thrive in All Areas of Your Life

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