The “Epic Life” Programs

Are You Successful, But Something is Missing?

How big is the gap between your current overall fulfillment in life, and where you actually want to be?  Does what started as fulfilling, real and meaningful now fall WAY SHORT?

It’s time to get out of the race to be the richest person in the cemetery WHO NEVER REALLY LIVED.

NOW, it’s time to achieve something SIGNIFICANTLY BIGGER. Something that fulfills you and gives you GIGANTIC PURPOSE FROM YOUR PASSION AND WHAT MATTERS TO YOU.  Time to get REAL (= Really Excited About Life).

Complimentary “Passport” Personal Growth Consultation

Ready for new energy?  New life?  Get your passport.
Where do you want to go?  Are you being called to a greater adventure?

  • To enjoy your life to the fullest?
  • To a new career that incorporates lifestyle, balance, passion?Passport-Consultation-Package1
  • Lost your mojo and need to re-energize?
  • To make a WAY greater impact on the world?

Let’s talk and explore…we’ll create your Passport to new energy, to new life, even to a new you!

  • Activate the New Version of You so you get WAY MORE out of life
  • Access a Pathway Above the Noise so you have WAY MORE energy and aliveness
  • Awaken the person who makes WAY MORE positive impact on the world

Get your Passport today: Book a a Complimentary “Passport” Consultation!

The “Adventure Map” Personal Growth Acceleration Program

Are you familiar with people:

  • Who dread Mondays
  • Who retired and died shortly after because they had no lifelong vision beyond their professional identity
  • Who hate returning from vacations (if they can even take vacations)
  • Who live much smaller, unfulfilled versions of themselves for long, long periods of time

Are you being called to a Big Adventure in life?  The “Adventure Map” session…

You get clarity on your NEW Fulfillment Guidance System, and then engage in highly focused activities so you:

  • Build Unstoppable ConfidenceAdventure-Map-Package1
  • Develop Irresistible Influence
  • Eliminate the Stress Response

The 30 Day Adventure Map Program includes:

  • 1/2 Day Growth Workshop (Live in Houston Area or by Skype or other)
    • Guided Adventure to Personal Growth
    • Workbook of 15 Training modules
    • 1 Month Adventure Map
  • 2 follow up consulting calls of 90 minutes over 30 days

Are you ready to clear the road so you can create and accelerate BIG Outcomes?  NOW is the time to have:

The “Epic Life Adventure” Personal Growth Acceleration Program

The “Epic Adventure” program is a fun, fresh and fast personal growth and development program with purpose, meaning and mission at its core.  The “Epic Adventure” Program is the only program of its kind.  It is unique…like you. Like the REAL you.

The NEW Success criteria:

  • Clarity
  • Peace
  • Aliveness
  • Fulfillment
  • Self Actualization


  • Get WAY MORE out of life
  • Live a WAY GREATER version of yourself
  • Raise higher EVERYWHERE
  • Have a WAY BIGGER impact on the world

The 7 Components:

  1. You Answer the Call to Adventure.  This section digs into who you are (in your logical identity) and frees you from being owned by self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.
  2. Build Your Epic Powers.  This section looks at the larger, self-actualized being Jeff-Magee-Endorsementand powers of your “spiritual” self.  The spiritual well is replenished and begins to overflow.
  3. Create Your Epic Adventure.  The greatest adventure of your life is…Your Life.  Instead of starting with just the end in mind, start with the Extraordinary End in mind.  What is your impossible vision for your life? Create your “Epic Adventure” for your life and magnetize humanity’s “collective consciousness” and the powers of the Universe to deliver it!
  4. The Courage to Leap.  Now your Epic Adventure is clear, don’t just cross the threshold to action, leap across it!  Taking on specific, bold, actions for personal
    growth on an “Epic” scale.
  5. Summoning Your Epic Powers.   When challenged, old patterns and thoughts want to creep back in.  You will have the tools and support to know how to live large and not be overtaken by smallness.
  6. Effortless Flow and Harmony.  Fulfillment in all areas of your life.  Aliveness. Well-being. Skyrocket results while eliminating the stress response.
  7. Celebrate New Heights Everywhere.  Peace. Power. Prosperity.  You see what you did and now have new abilities and beliefs to create greater impact and contribution to yourself and the world.

The 90 Day “Epic Adventure” Program includes:The-Complete-Epic-Life-Package1

  • 25 Lessons
  • Workbook
  •  The Epic Adventure
  • 9 follow up consulting calls of 90 minutes over a 90 day period

Answer your “Call to Adventure.”   Let’s talk today!


Get your Passport today: Book a a Complimentary “Passport” Consultation!