Case Studies

LEAP Case Study #1

The Challenge:
Very successful business CEO was deciding on opening multiple locations in new territories, or creating a new business model with expanded offerings in existing locations.

The Solution:

  • Study of marketing strategy and ROI projections of the 2 choices
  • Study tangibles and intangibles (ramp up time, CEO time out of town, family situation and other factors) to determine “best fit” to pursue

A new “Tip of the Spear” offer to existing locations succeeded and led to creating a second spinoff business.  The new business grew from 4 to over 36 employees along with a revenue “Leap” of over $4 Million dollars in less than 2 years.

LEAP Case Study #2

The Challenge:
Business units at a Fortune 100 client were making independent purchases for very expensive financial computer software. Also, decentralized support and maintenance created unreliable internal customer impacts and downstream external customer impacts.

The Solution:

  • Leadership for a unified solution
  • Communicate and get buy-in for solution
  • Collaboration across over 40 internal business units
  • Bundle purchasing power
  • Centralize support and maintenance
  • Change management

Total increase in profits from operational savings in excess of $12M to date.  Cost savings of over $1M per year ongoingly from negotiating a bundle purchase from vendor. Reliable performance with centralized support and maintenance.  Centralized staff reduced total staff needed by more than 15 employees while eliminating duplication of effort.  Greater product speed to market and greater reliability reduced downstream customer impacts.

LEAP Case Study #3

The Challenge:
Executives reported incremental and even flat growth in spite of a solid business model and customer base. Low team spirit and engagement was impacting sales and operational effectiveness. Sales team was at near record commission lows.

The Solution:

  • Executive communication to include identifying increased loyalty strategies with existing business
  • Find new business  opportunities for increased market share
  • Impactful Messaging to highlight competitive advantage and differentiation
  • Increase collaboration with Sales leaders who up to that time rarely talked about their challenges or shared ideas
  • Identify the issues and increase engagement and collaboration with operations team

Immediate collaboration of 2 sales people brought a new sale worth over $2 Million over 3 years.   One newly re-energized salesperson later found an opportunity to acquire another company.  The acquisition doubled the existing company market share and revenue.

LEAP Case Study #4

The Challenge:
Owner reported incremental growth in mature business. In addition, a couple of underperforming locations further lowered overall business performance.

The Solution:

  • Review and restructure of business model to focus on urgent, more profitable, highest impact needs and offers
  • Implement a marketing strategy and actions
  • Evaluate and decide on keeping or closing underperforming locations

Revenues grew over 340% and profits increased over 27% even after hiring 2 additional employees.  In addition, achieved greater peace of mind and simplicity from having one powerful core offer at one location. Recently doubled parking to an additional adjacent lot.