The “LEAP Business Growth and Sales” Programs

Are unseen forces slowing you down?  Time for a new perspective.  A LEAP perspective!

Creating “Out of Your Mind” Business Growth:

  • Does your organization’s past largely predict future growth?
  • How risky is your business future at its current level of growth?

Achieve the LEAP in Business Growth and Pioneer Your Future Business NOW:  Are you Out of Your Mind?  First they’ll think your crazy, then they’ll wonder how you did it… “Out of Your Mind Success” is the ultimate disruptive, innovative and creative program for mind-opening discoveries to bring unimaginable business growth NOW.

  1. Think BIG. LEAP BIG.
  2. Creating Your LEAP Growth Design.
  3. Speak the LEAP.
  4. Context and Perspective Shifts to “See the Unseen.”
  5. Leveraging The Benefits of Risk.
  6. Leveraging the Future NOW.
  7. LEAP Frameworks, Goals and Power Planning.
  8. Bringing Your LEAP Growth to Life.

LEAP Innovation Strategies for Business Growth:

  • Slow to powerfully capitalize on innovation and other growth initiatives?

Achieve the LEAP in Business Growth from Innovation:  Time to get “Out of Your Mind” for Business Growth from Innovation.

  1. The Innovation Mindset.
  2. The Innovation Environment.
  3. Perspective and Context of Innovation.
  4. The LEAP Model for Innovation.
  5. LEAP Innovation Ideas.
  6. LEAP Innovation Frameworks, Goals and Power Planning
  7. Bringing Your LEAP Innovations to Life.

LEAP Marketing Strategies for Business Growth:

  • Are your Marketing Programs falling short to move you at LEAP speed?  Time to take the lead out and put in the LEAP.

Achieve the LEAP Marketing Strategies for Business Growth:  Time to get “Out of Your Mind” Marketing Strategies for Business Growth.

  1. Disruption and Pattern Interruption.
  2. Your Basis for Reliable Response.
  3. LEAP to Being Undeniable.
  4. Bold Brand Claims and Solutions You Undeniably Deliver.
  5. Sharpen and Shaping Your Uniqueness.
  6. LEAP NOW Strategies.
  7. LEAP Marketing Channels, Goals and Planning.
  8. LEAP Marketing Matrix.

LEAP Sales Strategies for Business Growth:

  • Response and engagement not what it should be?
  • Sick of “Let me think it over” or “I’ll get back to you?
  • Proposals taking too long to close?
  • Too often selling on price?

Achieve the LEAP in Sales Results:  Count multiple wins in more closed deals, more sales in less time at less cost, larger deals, client loyalty and referrals.

  1. Think BIG. LEAP BIG
  2. Guaranteed They’ll Ask: “Where Do I Sign?”
  3. Qualifying and Finding Those Urgently Looking for You NOW.
  4. Book Your Calendar Solid.
  5. The Pitch That Pays.
  6. Competition-Busting Follow Up.
  7. Money in the Bank.
  8. Staying in the Zone.