Give yourself permission to fail.

What if someone says No? Do you crumble into a pillar of salt? Not at all.  Working to please everybody doesn’t serve anybody. A good clear NO is empowering. You know where you stand and it saves everyone’s time.  And, a clear YES gives you a huge opportunity to help someone grow and have great success.  It’s the space of miracles. It is such a privilege when someone wholeheartedly says YES and trusts you to help them. Thank you to all who have given me this privilege.

We’re all human. We all have areas of brilliance and areas less “illuminated.” And, even where we are brilliant the flame will flicker. So what? I’ve “failed” AND I’ve kicked ass and created miracles.  And, the more you want to grow and achieve, the more you will “fail.”  Hell if we had to learn to walk as adults we’d never walk because we’d just give up after falling so much. Really?  Come on!  Crap on that!

I am a recovering thinkaholic.  For decades trying for perfection.  How it sucked!  I was a prisoner of my own mind. Constantly trying to figure out how to do things right, how to be perfect.  I would hardly take action I was so worried about a NO or had such a fear of looking bad.

The path from living so-so to living great is cleared by giving yourself permission to fail.  Today, give yourself permission to fail.

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Is Your “LIFE Switch” Off? Switch It to FULLY ON

Look at yourself right now, and ask: Am I FULLY:

  • At Peace? Greatest-Adventure-of-Your-Life
  • Alive?
  • Fulfilled?
  • Or, just existing…

Time to get out of the mushy middle, out of the ditch, living life so-so, pretending, avoiding, resigned, burned out, uninspired,…..

Knowing that something is missing, or even knowing WHAT it is that’s missing DOESN’T WORK TO TOLERATE ANY LONGER.

Your “Call to Adventure” is the path to shift from “Carrot” or “Stick” thinking.  A shift from the routine thinking that got you where you are now.  A new realm where BIG things are possible.  Where the external factors of material things and circumstances don’t have power over you any more.

But sure, you are getting noise and resistance regarding anything new.  Hard to move off of the radio “pre-set” channel.
Knowing life is falling way short may not be convincing enough.
For you it’s: See, Believe and Achieve.

See this:
Look at your predictable future of staying just as you are right now.  What is happening 1 year from now?  5 years from now? 20 years from now?

Believe this:
Albert Einstein said:  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Creative BIG thinking, and BIG Passion around WHAT MATTERS TO YOU is the Passport to New Energy and New Life.
Knowing, creating and accelerating Your “Epic Adventure” delivers your “Epic Life.”

Achieve this:
Get WAY more out of life.
Live a WAY Greater Version of Yourself.
Make a WAY Greater positive impact around you.

Life is an ADVENTURE.  Get Your PASSPORT TO A NEW YOU.  Turn the LIFE Switch FULLY ON, and hey, wear comfortable shoes.

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In a Race to be the Richest Person in the Cemetery?

Steve Jobs said:  “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”Headstone1

How big is the gap between who you know yourself to be, and who you actually are right now?  In spite of all the “success” you’ve achieved, is something missing?
Does what started as fulfilling, real and meaningful now fall WAY SHORT of who you know yourself to be?

You wouldn’t believe the version of “me” I lived in for over 20 years.  It started out pretty good and from the outside everything looked great.  But, I knew something was missing.  I felt my life was on an assembly line, every day the same.   I felt like a prisoner of my life and myself.  I had no peace.   I was edgy, agitated, disconnected and angry.  Then, in 2008/2009, I hit ground zero.  Divorce, custody battles, bad economy, and hurricane Ike hit my waterfront house all within a 1 year period.

I rethought my life.  I realized how disconnected from everyone I was.  How spiritually bankrupt I was.  How I had been in the race to be the richest person in the cemetery.

From the breakdowns in my life, I had huge breakthroughs.  Money had been the principle driver in the old version of me that led me to Ground Zero…the version of me that fell WAY SHORT.

I created a new personal growth and development “Life Achievement Model” from which to measure success.  This model emphasizes Non-Financial goals and creating and living Life as an “Epic” Adventure!

Now, I am more “Successful,” a higher “Achiever” and help others with greater impact than I ever have before.  The New Success criteria:

  • Clarity
  • Peace
  • Aliveness
  • Fulfillment
  • Self Actualization

So, I know and can show you:  YOU CAN HAVE “Something Wonderful…”

  • A greater version of you with WAY MORE energy and aliveness
  • A person who gets WAY MORE out of life
  • A person who makes WAY MORE positive impact on the world

What “New Future” Adventure is calling you?  Download Your Free Adventure Map Here


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I’m Highly Successful, So Why Am I Miserable?

I come from a background where I was highly successful in business, where things looked great on the outside, while inside I was empty and unfulfilled…even miserable.  I know One-Person1there are many executives and business owners who are experiencing the same thing.

What have you lost on your journey to success? Are you now in a place of being disconnected or unfulfilled…even miserable?

I give a talk called “I’m Highly Successful, So Why am I Miserable.”  This talk is taken from my 7 part “Epic Adventure” program where I show people how to get more out of all areas of their lives and soar like never before.

Here are 3 pieces (there are many more) of the puzzle that will take some of the Mystery out of Misery.

1.  Living Life Backwards.  We tend to believe we have to “have” something to “be” something.  So, we go about as human “doings” who have to earn the right to be happy, fulfilled, positive, and so forth.  This is a “Conditional” and “needs” oriented approach which prevents personal growth.  It is an “always falling short” or glass half empty point of view.  Why is this backwards?  We are human “beings” and can choose to “be” joyful, alive, fulfilled, valuable without having to meet conditions.
2. Size of Filter.  Have you reduced your activities to mostly logical, mechanical tasks that don’t align with your passion and drain your energy?  The inner voice gatekeeper makes a tighter and tighter filter, catching smaller and smaller, more and more things to be evaluated and responded to.  This makes your life very “negative” conscious.  Negativity easily feeds more negativity  until you get on a very heavy “Darkness Diet.”
3. Patterns.  Life  experiences have created negative response patterns and behaviors that became a superhighway.  It’s easy to be taken for a ride almost any time.  It becomes an immediate response pattern that is difficult to break, even when recognized.  The pattern is really heavy and loud when you are pushed, but it may be running right below the surface just about all of the time.  This pattern creates big limitations and prevents you from living a fulfilling life or achieving greater goals.

I’ve only listed a few pieces of the misery puzzle, there are many others that impact our well-being and are pulling us into living “small.”

So, here’s the choice:  live an unfulfilling and burdened life, OR embrace the adventure to  awaken and live in your greatness again.   In the “Epic Adventure” program, you will achieve Personal Growth and Development on an Epic Scale.

Answer your “Call to Adventure”…NOW.   Get Started Here.

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Have you answered your “Call to Adventure?”

If you don’t know your own greatness, you can’t help others find theirs.  Have you answered your Call to Adventure?

What if some of our greats hadn’t answered their call?   Where would we be?  What if Albert Einstein, Marting Luther King, Rosa Parks, John F Kennedy or George Washington Zion-Park6didn’t answer their “Call to Adventure?”  Where would we be?

And, it’s not the “hey, look at me” type of greatness.  My passion and mission is to know my greatness SO THAT I can help others find theirs.  It’s a game changer and world changer when we reach our highest self-actualized selves, because then we can impact others to find theirs…

Here are 3 points that help you find your greatness:

1. Answer your “Call to Adventure.”  You are called to it because it has a greater message for your life. The calling gives you energy, aliveness.  It will take you to a greater place.  Do not embrace the ordinary, the routine, the misery of where you are, embrace the adventure you are called to take.
2. Achieving big comes from “being” big.  Let go of mediocre, so so areas of your life.  Let go of sizing your life to what is just working Ok.  Focus on discovering and pursuing where you are great! Take a stand to create and hold to your vision in an uncompromising personal commitment to “being” your extraordinary best.
3. Create your “Epic Adventure.”   The greatest adventure of your life is…Your Life.  Instead of starting with the end in mind, start with the Extraordinary End in mind.  What is your impossible vision for your life? Create your “Epic Adventure” for your life and magnetize humanity’s “collective consciousness” and the powers of the Universe to deliver it!

Your greatness is waiting for you.  Time to be your own hero.  The world needs you. Answer your Call to Adventure!

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I’m So Stuck. How do I get to the Next Level?

StuckWant to get unstuck and achieve your next level?

We all have plateaus where we sit sometimes.  At some point, we want to move on!  What to do?  Take a new action in an area you are resisting so that you create change.  Here’s a roadmap which outlines phases so you see how to get to a higher place, and a higher place to help others.

  1. No, I can’t.   You are reasoning why you can’t and every thought reinforces that you can’t.  “no time” or “costs too much” or “not right now” and the like.  Resistance totally rules.  This is what keeps you stuck and staying at the same plateau.  Think less of the reasons why you can’t, look for reasons why to continue or just be boldly unreasonable (to hell with reasons) and go to the next step.
  2. I can’t, yet I must.  This is the internal negotiation phase.  Resistance is starting to soften.  You are starting to be less controlled by your reasons.  You are still a “no” yet you realize you must.  You are gaining control over letting your old beliefs or circumstances hold you back.   You are starting to take a stand for change.  You are starting to see you can choose and not let the circumstances decide.
  3. I must, so I will.  You decide to take a stand to do something.  From your word given to yourself or others, or from your emotions (frustration, passion, desire  to make a difference or others) you choose yes.  Action will be taken.  You commit you will do it, and express to others that you will.
  4. Yes, I did it and now I can.  You did it and are now expanded and know a new level for yourself.  Now you are “Yes I can” oriented about this event and believe in yourself at a whole new level.   By the way, the greater the resistance that you overcome, the greater your new belief in yourself and your abilities.  Also, the next challenge probably won’t be quite as challenging.
  5. Now I can help others.  You see what you did and now have new abilities and beliefs so you can help and contribute to others where they need it.

Glory!  Victory!  Expanded sense of being!  Now celebrate, and help others with your magic while you look for and challenge yourself again and again!


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