My Vision for transforming the world.

  • I believe in a world where people live their unique passion and purpose.
  • I believe that we weren’t born to live the predetermined, preprogrammed life we were given.  We were born to live the life we create from our unique passion and purpose.
  • I believe in assisting high achievers to unleash themselves and Leap to their greatest heights by being in their unique passion and purpose from which they can contribute at their extraordinary personal best.
  • I believe we are a mirror, and that as we transform, we transform the world.

My Mission for transforming the world.

My Mission is to bring human BEING into human DOING so you “Achieve the LEAP” to significantly higher results while getting WAY more Life out of Life.
Certain invisible forces make it hard to create.   I assist others with 3 specific things that get in the way.

  1. Don’t know with clarity, conviction and commitment what they powerfully want to achieve.
  2. Don’t have a consistent feedback, accountability and continuous renewal method to generate the greatest version of themselves which will provide the source for what they want to achieve.
  3. Don’t have a map to get there.

The “Achieve the LEAP” Sales and Leadership Keynotes, Workshops and Consulting programs reveal and deliver your greatest success with “to the point” clarity unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Other notes about me…

  • I have a BFA in Photography.  BS in Mathematics.  MBA in Marketing.  Me-and-the-Kids1
  • I have 2 amazing sons.  Mason and Hudson.
  • My heroes include Benjamin Franklin, Michelangelo, Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo Da Vinci, Richard Branson, Babe Ruth.