Leaping Loop

When I was very young I could jump really far, and became a bit of a celebrity in school yard competitions. People started calling me “Leaping Loop.” That perspective is how I’ve lived my life and how I help others. It comes naturally for me to quickly and clearly see things that help people “Achieve the LEAP” they want. And, when they see it, it “awakens” them to higher purpose, performance and results so they achieve the LEAP they want!

See the Unseen

Photography was my second business, started at 13 years old. It has stayed with me my whole life. I learned to look to See the Unseen. I am an artist, scientist, business leader. I speak math, physics, technology, sales, marketing, beliefs, metaphor, strategy, business, leadership, imagery, marketing and many other languages. Most importantly, I always speak so you see things in a new way. This is how you see the unseen.

What burning questions do you ask yourself?

  • What is my passion?
  • How can I be the boldest version of myself possible?
  • Does my life have any meaning beyond routine daily living?
  • What can I create that would fulfill me and my life’s purpose?
  • How can I make a PROFOUND contribution to the world from who I am?

Other notes about me…

  • I have a BFA in Photography.  BS in Mathematics.  MBA in Marketing.  Me-and-the-Kids1
  • I have 2 amazing sons.  Mason and Hudson.
  • My heroes include Benjamin Franklin, Michelangelo, Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo Da Vinci, Richard Branson, Babe Ruth.

Completed things on my bucket list:

  • Live and work overseas
  • Build a 7 figure business
  • Get married and have children
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Live on the water
  • Speak a foreign language
  • Bareboat sailing in the Virgin Islands
  • Travel to over 10 countries
  • Get an advanced degree

Still working on:

  • Become an internationally recognized thought leader and World Peace Leader
  • Win the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Help 1000’s of people “Achieve The LEAP”